Forty-four haiku

 Forty-four haiku

                                                      22 haiku

Potter Reef – Innisfail

Held sunken vessel’s clue

FV Wallan – truth

                                                                  Cold blooded killing
                                                                  Protaganist’ first victims
                                                                  Dying with laughter

Drips fall from rooftops
Into tanks filling volumes
Of aqueous smog

                                                                     Children learn from dark
                                                                     Tales to discern truth to cut
                                                                     Binding taboos loose

Fishing GBR

Seven years to be skipper

Mystery boat sinks

                                                         Thirty dirty eggs
                                                         Turn to green grubs spinning thread
                                                         But a fly poet

Warm earth’s wind gusts 
Blow leaves off angophora
Mulched for April sow

                                                                Australian autumn
                                                                 Warm earth felt under bare feet
                                                                 In soil good to write

It’s fun writing

Haiku where possessive’s

Extra syllable

                                                          Poet new to haiku

Learns possessive syllables

Now for formatting

Very suspicious
Those vicious inauspicious
Aesop’s snake fable

Great Barrier Reef
Shapely emeralds on top
Now look – coral bleached

                                                           Massive concrete cups
                                                           Capture liquid solution
                                                           Our monsoonal rains

Wascally wabbit
Has a tewwible habit
Magic and Mayhem

                                                             Goldfish imprisoned

                                                              Freedom of information

                                                              Confirms suspicions

Children repressed learn
Dark tales to alleviate
Less than blessed taboos

                                                            Trust instinctively
                                                            Innermost spirit speaks true
                                                            It’s God, you, then, me

Scoopa plumpkin sloup
Dulcie’s juicer’s pulp to gulp
A rabbit’s Magic

                                                             Libraries – not just
                                                             Repositories they are
                                                             Social gatherings        

Finger pointers point
How disappointing until
Three point back at them       

                                                          Lake Macquarie FAW
                                                          Laughing My Far-king Arrrrs Waft
                                                          Owl writers welcome   

Twenty-two haiku

For fighting those enemies

Most within our minds


                                             22 spiritual haiku

How can I explain

The mystery found in me

Is all about Him

                                                                To find a treasure

                                                                Seeking till He draws near you

                                                                 Amazes us all

Easter Friday keeps

Many focused on the Cross

Since He’s risen

                                                                          Spiritual man

                                                                          Father gave to humankind

                                                                          Who soon had Him killed

God appeared as man

With all our transgressions died

Slaughtered by sinners

                                                                         Jesus conquers death

                                                                         Gives unconditional life

                                                                         To all falling short

We will never know

How far we fell down that well

Selling ourselves short

                                                                 So, he, or she, who

                                                                 Points fingers judging others

                                                                  Remember that well

His mediating

Sees blood cover penitents

Iniquity cleansed

                                                                    We can walk, skip, fall

                                                                     In mud, knowing everything’s

                                                                      Pardoned by God’s blood

We can’t see until

God opens our eyes to truth

Save, please – Hosanna

                                                                     We sold out to sin

                                                                      Crimson, scarlet, all colours

                                                                     Set free from all sin                                  

We knew what was wrong

Yet we couldn’t not do it yet

Could be born again

                                                                          Now new creations

                                                                          We try not to fall over

                                                                          Then find we’re babies

Spiritual milk

Is all we can understand

As little children

                                                                   Hungering for bread

                                                                  After circling mountains wide

                                                                  We can still be kids

Kids, like silly goats

Exceedingly stubborn ones

Sometimes need wear chains

                                                                     We’re all in prison

                                                                      Him living in us in Him

                                                                      Holy Spirit vessels

Us with sin love Him

Him without sin loving us

Us with Him – no sin

                                                                 Knowing sin we fell

                                                                 Rebellious people of hell

                                                                 Read cruellest thoughts

Only within Him

Can we really know pure love

Outpouring His joy

                                                                   Some think they’ve grown up

                                                                   God teaches be like children

                                                                    I’m so good at that

by Andrew Carter


God’s Heart

Some days I am terribly lonely – so blue.

I sat outside one day, then I looked up

Shaped like a heart in a coffee cup

A white cloud appeared, it’s true!

It was a beautiful heart-shaped cloud,

A sign in the sky from God to me.

I pondered what His message meant

As winds blew leaves off trees.

Sometime later I looked up again,

It made me so happy … I cried

I saw that love heart shape again

Now blue against a cloud filled sky!

God told me from up in heaven above,

Whether cloudy or clear His love,

Is always there – just remember the sign

From God to Noah – when he sent a dove!

~ Andrew Carter




  Bee Butterfly


                       Filters Flowers

               Flitting, feeling, flowing

          Lovingly feels flowers stigma


          Blue butterfly flutters by bee

            Because bees sting before

                          Being Jelly




Kookaburra, kookaburra sing, take flight

Up to the treetops touching the sky

Where kids don’t climb, yet some try


Kookaburra, kookaburra, way up high

You’re there all day, why, I wonder, why

Waiting for a mate? Or, darkness of sky


I turn to walk home, then I see up high

A ball falls, I see it clear with my eyes

A football from heaven now lies